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Professional Maintenance is the best option for environmental health.

Meticulous Maintenance

The power of professional care

In today's society, the majority of us have become conscious about our environment. But did you know that working with a company like LanArc is one of the best ways to help protect our natural resources and your property?

  1. Our trained professionals stay up to date on the latest treatments so we can keep your property looking its best while using only what is needed when and where it's needed for good plant and environmental health.

    We work with these materials every day, so we know the proper percentages and mixtures to use and how to avoid potentially harmful spills and accidents. By diagnosing and treating problems right the first time, we don't use extra chemicals. And with a complete program, we keep your lawn and landscape healthy, and actually prevent problems that could require extra treatments.

So, the environmentally smart choice that keeps your lawn and landscape looking its best, is to let your lawn and landscape professional provide the environmentally friendly solution.

Why Lanarc?

Choosing LanArc to maintain your landscape is not only the smart choice for the environment, it also frees up your time for other activities. Because we offer a full range of services including weekly visits year-round we can ensure that your landscape is kept in top condition. Our weekly services can include mowing, lawn care treatments, tree and shrub care treatments, pruning and weeding, irrigation system monitoring and adjustment, mulching, leaf removal and annual flower installation.

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