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It's not just digging a hole!

So you say. . . " I can dig a hole . . . why have professional installation?"

Your Landscape is an Investment

Planting in poorly prepared soil or choosing inferior plants will ruin a great design. Imagine your new patio being construction on a poorly compacted base and next year it has settled unevenly.

Never considered your landscape as an investment?

You should, because numerous studies over the past decade have shown that a well-planted, professionally installed and meticulously maintained landscape is one of the best investments you can make in your home. The return on this investment is greater than a majority of projects that most people consider 'home improvements'. 

Keep in mind that an investment in your landscape is one that you'll enjoy on a daily basis

and it will continue to 'grow' every season! Professionally designed, installed, and maintained landscapes return the greatest amount on the original investment. If any of these three components is missing, there's a chance the work will decrease the value.


If your budget is tight, we can help.

We can provide ways to work with your budget including planting your design in phases to ensure the best return on your investment in your home.

Why Lanarc?

Our uniformed LanArc installation crews know how to install the design that has been created for you. Our crew leaders have been with LanArc for over ten years, gaining the experience necessary to complete your project properly. Whether it is a patio or an arbor, a retaining wall or plantings, the work gets completed correctly the first time. On some projects we employ specialty sub-contractors - pools, spas, and masonry work - and by using a specialist, it saves you time and money.

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