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A sample design for used to create our award winning design for Southern Ideal Home Show 2009

Customize your personality and style and reflect it through your property

Create an Environment

A landscape is more than plants and grass. A landscape includes all of the functional and aesthetic features that create the environment of an area. Elements such as paved walkways, vertical screens, fences and retaining walls add to the usefullness and beauty of the site. Custom landscape designs are best when installed by a landscape professional.  Our main goal is to work with our clients and our designs can be broken into phases to meet your needs.

Add the finishing touch

be it big or small. Here are some ideas for creating the landscape you've always dreamed of while stretching your available budget:

  1. Adding layers of plants (groundcovers, small shrubs, then medium or tall ones) creates a finished look. By adding plant material rather than removing and replanting, you can add a lot of value with less expense.
    Natural area clean-up: thinning of woody areas, pruning of spring growth, drainage corrections, and new mulch or pinestraw creates a clean crisp look.
    Add that missing piece to your landscape, such as a new water feature, patio, or flowering tree.
    Add color to your landscape by incorporating annual and perennial flower areas to provide color punches that can change with the seasons, and your style.

With our experience and creativity, we can provide a solution, regardless of your properties weaknesses, by finding and highlighting its strengths while incorporating timeless elements that will add value and beauty for years to come.


Why Lanarc?

You can depend on the quality and value of the landscape services we provide. As an ALCA certified landscaper, we have been trained and undergone stringent national testing to demonstrate our expertise in Proper Plant Installation, Site Layout, Grading and Drainage. Certification with this program ensures your landscape's success and provides additional peace of mind that you are hiring professionals who take their job and reputation seriously.

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